The story and inspiration behind the recipes…

As an athlete, I was always trying to put all of the foundation pieces together so that i could perform on demand.  I needed to train harder, faster, longer…   I needed to be calm and confident in the gate.  The stress of high level competition, high risk aerial maneuvers and constant travel wreaked havoc on my digestive system and body functions.  I would get massive digestive cramps after most meals, to the point of stabbing pains and constant discomfort.  It seemed like everything that I ate gave me symptoms.  After each contest I would be buckled over with muscle aches and cramps, which took years to figure out with tests, samples and doctor inputs.  It seemed that there were nutrient deficiencies due to malabsorption, which ultimately stemmed from constantly being in the stress response of ‘fight or flight’.  I was often quite deficient in protein, iron and magnesium, as i used up my stores as a female athlete.  So I tried taking protein supplements….   but they gave me such a huge gut ache!   We realized that protein wasn’t going to be assimilated if the digestive process was shut off.   I tried many different forms of protein, including whey isolate (huge gut aches!) and vegan blends (much better), but they were all still symptomatic.  So, it became a story about the gut…   I started taking Betaine HCl and apple cider vinegar to train my stomach lining to produce more stomach acid, which then triggered the natural enzymes be produced to start breaking down proteins.  I then added in digestive enzymes and probiotics to rebuild the enzymes and the gut flora.  I started to finally see some results…   my iron levels started to come back up, and they were more easily maintained, which gave me more energy.  I supplemented with magnesium and drank a lot more water with electrolytes, which alleviated a lot of the muscle cramping.  It seems simple, but the complex mechanisms of the gut took years to detect and correct as the root cause.  

In 2011, both of my parents were diagnosed with major ailments, one with Rhematoid Arthritis and the other with Prostate Cancer.   I had started on my holistic health journey through sport, but now it was time to dive in a little deeper to help my parents.   I had been the classic google doctor for years, but I needed some more in depth knowledge of holistic nutrition to give my parents a more educated and self directed view on healing.  I retired from my career in mogul skiing, and registered at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition.  This was the most insightful few years of my life, which gave me the foundation to make educated and scientific observations and nutritional plans to help my parents, myself and the greater community. For my parents, a lot of their path was about major change, both nutritionally and to their lifestyles.   They eliminated a lot from their diets, and added more healthy options and supplements.  They eliminated white sugar, flour or processed foods, as well as limited any alcohol consumption, red meat and caffeine.  This improved their health dramatically, and with the addition of more anti-infammmatory foods like spirulina, turmeric and ginger, and some antioxidants and specific nutrients like lycopene from tomatoes and omega 3’s from fish oil or plant based oils they started to see some reprive.   This is not to say that were healed, as our health is a constant project and is very encompassing of not only nutritional needs, but lifestyle changes, movement, mental attitudes and spirit.  Health waxes and wanes….   our attention to it doesn’t take a break.  We cannot all be perfect all of the time, as we are human and life happens around us.   There are situations that we cannot avoid, and stresses and events that will absolutely affect us.  It takes constant effort and diligence to stay on the right path of health, and every person’s needs are different, at different times in their lives.  

It is my intention with the Solfeggio products to give people a convenient, delicious way to fuel their bodies.   So I encourage you to give yourself a chance for optimal nutrition…   a foundation with which you can either heal, maintain and/or or perform.   It is food that is designed to nourish on a base level so that you can discover, grow, explore and expand…   and flourish like you are meant to!  

All of our treats are holistically designed and are always:

  • Raw

  • Vegan

  • Organic

  • Gluten-Free

  • Contain no refined sugars

  • Contain no preservatives