Oh hey there.  I’m Kristi!   

I seem to have an obsessive need to discover, grow, explore and expand…  I'm always pursuing something bigger than me…   something that pushes me beyond my wildest imagination and that serves a striking purpose in our community and for the people around me.  So, naturally…   Solfeggio was spawned from my pursuit of excellence in sport as a 2 time Olympian and World Champion in Freestyle Skiing, to now developing recipes that are designed to nourish and fuel our beings for wellness and performance.  This is food that resonates with your body’s cells…   it’s food without compromise.

I used to work at winery bistros in the Okanagan to pay my way through skiing….   I loved the community energy of a restaurant, and I knew that one day I would open my own space.  Part way through my holistic nutrition education in 2013, the opportunity came up to launch a farm to table restaurant in the quaint organic farming community of Pemberton.  This was a dream come true.  It was a concept that would combine my love and gratitude for organic farming practices, my knowledge of nutrition and food science, and my passion for creating something that could bring a community together in a healthy and inspiring way.   We built the 40 seat restaurant from reclaimed materials and decor from my dad’s family farm.  

We sourced ingredients locally, and had trade deals with farmers for compost pick ups, fresh smoothies or lunches and seasonal produce.  The treats were at the forefront of the cafe, exposing people to the world of ‘raw food’ that was made in a refined, thoughtful and elegant manner without the compromise of using any refined ingredients like white sugar, diary or wheat.  About two years in, we suffered from a fire that had started in the back lane, and decimated our entire restaurant. It was such a huge loss for us…   a passion, a dream….   I just had to watch it go up in smoke.  About 2 weeks after the fire, we were offered a kitchen space at North Arm Farm’s bakery just 10 minutes out of town, planted right in the midst of their organic farm. We relaunched a cafe concept there that next Spring, with the addition of some catering and wholesale contracts.  It was such a beautiful experience to be able to use the produce directly from the farm, the same day it was picked! About 8 months later, the fall floods came through the valley and breached the dikes right at the farm, and the entire farm and newly relaunched restaurant was completely underwater. I lost everything once again….  at this point the damage was too devastating to rebuild, so I had to gain a new perspective and a new path for my continuing passion of holistic food.

I did a consulting project with The Juicery Co., to build out a kitchen in Vancouver and launch a food menu that utilized their own produce.  It was incredibly fulfilling and exciting to be a part of their growth.  During the 8 months of hiatus from Solfeggio, I kept getting inquiries about our line of raw treats, and where people could find them…   so I relaunched the brand as a strictly raw treats production company to supply our delicious goodies to other cafes and restaurants.  It is now just a year old in its new form, and I am loving it!  It is so inspiring to be a part of so many other concepts, and to see our treats reach a broader demographic.  I hope to see it be available to many more people to come, so that they can discover the power of whole foods - food that resonates!